Tips for a More Peaceful Home

Tips for a More Peaceful Home

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 04/20/22

Spring inspires a desire for enjoying peacefulness outdoors as well as in the home. Maintaining a Zen-like space (without having to master Feng Chui) is as much about cultivating peace as it is about style. Here are some tips to bring about more balance, presence, and calm to your living spaces.

Do a Daily Clearing.  Clutter is a visual distraction because anything messy reminds us of every task we are not minding. A good way to create a calmer home experience is to make a daily practice of clearing as many surfaces as possible throughout the home. When your eyes enjoy the look of clean, clear spaces, staying focused on the present moment becomes easier.

Get Organized via Decluttering.  For many, spring cleaning is about purging contents of closets, drawers, cupboards. A weight truly lifts when your belongings are pared down to only those that you truly need, love, or both. Do this gradually as you can throughout the season; start small. One drawer newly organized inspires us to keep going – think about how nice it will be when everything is finally in new, clean space.

Get Some Help as Needed.  If it’s possible to hire professionals to do what they do best, have at it! Professional organizers help clear clutter, decorators help tap into your preferred style and feeling of home, and an architect can redesign your space.

Bring in All Five Elements.  Consider going all the way to embrace nature in your home. Potted plants are a great start. Keep going with these ideas:

  • Water – Images of water, a fountain, flowers in a bowl of water;
  • Earth – Stone, herbs/plants;
  • Fire – Candles, incense, fireplace;
  • Metal – Furniture, tools;
  • Wood – Furniture, beams.

Clear Floors, Stay Present.  Make time to clear floors as much as possible. As with clearing surfaces, this practice helps the mind to stay present and clear. (Purging closets, etc., may make room for items strewn about the floor haphazardly!) Keep floor surfaces fresh and clean, as dust-free makes for more pleasantry and improves indoor air quality.

Streamline Decorations.  Rather than more is better – especially binging on home treasures at TJMaxx, for instance - consider reducing your displayed items to be only those that you truly love and hold meaning for you. Less is more when it comes to such careful displays, and allows appreciation for what is most important.

Soften Your Lighting.  It softens our world when natural lighting is appreciated. When light starts to fade in the evening, consider lighting candles rather than switching on the big lights. If you’re so inclined to swap out all regular fixtures for dimmers, it will make a world of difference to be able to control the glow.

Texture, and More Texture.  Imagine if more objects in your home were a joy to your senses? When decluttering or shopping, prioritize natural materials that just feel better in your hands and body, to your nose, eyes, ears … than machine-made versions. Things like hand-thrown pottery, rough jute, nubby linen, cracked old leather, pure silk, raw wood.

Revel in Aromatherapy.  What our noses sense has a surprisingly strong effect on how we feel. Create a purifying, calming atmosphere in your home by doing away with artificial fragrances (generally made with harmful chemicals that are known to even aggravate inflammation in the body) and choosing natural scents like those from beeswax candles, essential oils, natural cleaning products, and fresh garden flowers instead.

Be Mindfully Grateful.  Creating a very simple gratitude practice during everyday rounds adds significantly to your well being. Mindfully feel gratitude for fresh food as you prepare a meal, for fresh water as you wash your hands, for the joy and comfort plants bring to your home, for your family and/or pets when you watch television at night, and so much more. Breathe, simply be present, and grateful.


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