Why and Where are People Moving Today?

Why and Where are People Moving Today?

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 08/15/23

Why and Where are People Moving Today?

New insights are buzzing, regarding where and why people are choosing to move at the moment. Beyond the typical inventory and affordability challenges, buyers are basing their choices on three factors that prove interesting.

People are moving to cities with lower housing costs. As a result, small cities are thriving. Buyers want more for their money, so they’re looking at more affordable locations  near (or not) to the larger metropolis they originally sought.

People want to live where they vacation. Homeowners are making this a priority today. The opportunity to enjoy weekend hikes in the mountains or wake up to a lakeside sunrise are very attractive options. With strong equity in a current home that they wish to sell, some buyers are entertaining this kind of possibility.

People who work remotely are taking advantage of that flexibility. This comes as no surprise! Many employees are now untethered from their daily commutes, and are no longer concerned about their home’s distance from their office. This allows them to prioritize other things – like being closer to loved ones, a better environment for their family, a more peaceful lifestyle – when buying a home.


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