The New Spathroom Trend

The New Spathroom Trend

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 05/11/22

One cool way to add value to your home is an innovative bathroom makeover that imitates a luxury escape.

Luxury spas are finally welcoming visitors again and, many homeowners are now opting to enjoy their homes more versus going out. While an entire bathroom remodel can be pricey, simple inspired upgrades can bring soul-soothing relaxation to the home experience.

Spa Showerheads

This DIY option will turn a daily shower into a restorative experience. A rainshower head sprays directly from above and may also come with a handheld unit. Other models have massaging spray patterns.

Vanity Upgrades

Without replacing an entire unit, get creative with a clean, sleek spa look. Think clever - painting a wooden vanity matte black, adding shiny brass pulls, and replacing countertop with a slab of white marble.

The Japandi Trend

Japanese meets Scandinavian in Japandi – a Zen-like bathroom trend that uses a neutral color palette accented with brass or black fixtures, and adds wood to inspire a connection with nature’s elements. Consider painting walls a cool white tone and replace vanity mirrors with simple round ones. Replace faucets, cabinet pulls, and towel racks with black metal ones; add open wooden shelves.

A Warm Touch of Gold and Brass

Gold and brass offer a warmer touch and are popularly replacing silver and nickel trims in bathrooms. Now is a good time to upgrade faucets, towel racks, showerhead, shower trim, and mirror frames with a yellow-tinged metal. If it feels like a cold world out there, use the comforting glow of gold or brass to warm and lift spirits.

Towel Warmers

Wrapping in a warm towel from the shower is a wonderful, simple luxury. Installing a towel warming rack in your bathroom both warms towels and the room itself. Plug-in models need no electrical work; upscale models require an electrician to wire into the bathroom. Higher-end models will add lasting value to your home.

Open Shelving

A few rows of open shelving made of natural wood add an elegant finish. Having a neat place to store bath products and accessories adds function. Also, more storage always adds to a home’s value.


Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

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