Smart Ways to Manage the Current Paint Shortage

Smart Ways to Manage the Current Paint Shortage

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 03/30/22

Paint is the latest item to be derailed by supply chain problems, specifically house paint – interior, exterior, latex, and oil; all colors, all brands, including primer. The culprits? Labor shortfalls - combined with natural disasters and accidents in points from Texas to Germany - have affected resources and production.

Not surprisingly, demand for paint has soared with DIY home projects in full swing. With classic Economics 101 at hand, experts say that it’s uncertain when paint production will be back to normal. Willing paint pros have generously offered the following tips for how to cleverly handle this issue.

Buy paint in bulk, and buy early - sooner than you need it.

This is not the time for spontaneous painting! Organize your own DIY plans weeks in advance, and understand that professional are also backlogged 2-6 months. Give your own home team, the paint store, and/or the pros at least 4-6 weeks’ notice and get enough paint for the entire job ordered and purchased accordingly.

Paint only problem areas at this time.

Consider that touching up only the problem areas of rooms need to be addressed right now, like those listed below. The scrape of a chip of paint off an inconspicuous area can be taken to a paint store for color matching with their spectrophotometer! 

  • Dodgy patches, scuffs, worn areas
  • Around doors
  • Lower third of walls in homes with pets and children

Clean walls, baseboards and trims, instead of a new paint job.

Make living spaces look better simply by giving surfaces a good scrub, until it’s easier to source paint.

Paint an accent wall.

Painting one wall with a bright color that complements the others, will freshen the room’s appearance with less than a gallon of paint.

Be flexible when choosing a paint brand.

Did you know that if you’re in love with one brand’s color but can’t get it, that paint stores can match other companies’ colors? All they need is the swatch of the color you’d like, and technology can do the rest. Stick with the same brand for the entire job and be open to variations in color, if possible.

Hire a pro painter to leverage their buying power.

If you have a big job, a painting contractor has the buying power to track down the paint you need. A pro has a supplier network and a national buying account, and can place orders well in advance of need – unlike the average DIYer.

Recycled paint is a little-known, great alternative.

It’s not as flexible for colors and customizing, yet it is durable, available, and good for the earth! Recolor is one of the best-known brands of recycled paint, and you can buy it in interior and exterior formulas. 

There’s always wallpaper.

It’s easier to hang and remove quickly without harming the walls, and it's better for the environment. It's also hot right now, available in all kinds of patterns and colors, and there is even peel-and-stick types that remove easily when it’s time to change things up again.

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