Scavenger Hunt Can Ease a Road Trip

Scavenger Hunt Can Ease a Road Trip

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 11/17/21

Got a lengthy road trip coming up this holiday season?

Avoid children’s inevitable Are we theeeeere yet? with a distracting game under the guise of a scavenger hunt.

Ideally they’ll be occupied trying to spot as many items as they can, so drivers can have a little more peace with which to focus on the journey ahead.

Download PDF cards for two additional hunts in addition to the driving Road Trip cards, for more fun once at your destination – a Seashore Search, and Forest Find.

Start by spotting these items for Highway Hunt:


  • Stop sign
  • Speed limit signs: 25, 55, 65
  • Exit signs: 3 different numbers


  • 18-wheeler
  • Red car
  • Green car
  • Blue car
  • Police car
  • Bus


  • Church
  • Rest stop
  • School
  • Restaurant
  • Gas station


  • Railroad tracks
  • Unique license plate
  • 10 green lights
  • Airplane
  • Limousine

Photo courtesy of American Lifestyle Magazine

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