Personalize Home with Your Unique Charm

Personalize Home with Your Unique Charm

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 06/16/21

Buying a home is one thing. Customizing it in ways that are unmistakably “you” is yet another.

The following are some ideas for personalizing features in your very own style.

Customize a Wall. Built-in shelves can shape shift even a small space to create a cozy yet rustic setting to display artwork, mementos, or collections. Use wood scraps, a little paint, and stain. Don’t be too concerned about not achieving a designer magazine look – perfect imperfection is a thing.

Use a favorite pattern in an unconventional way. Homes are typically full of symmetrical, perfect patterns. Consider breaking the mold with some zigzag patterns here and there (i.e., something like herringbone), as in, redesigning a kitchen countertop.

Customize home appliances. A clever crafter used a cutter to crank out vinyl dots and applied them to her washer and dryer. It instantly elevated her attitude for doing laundry. She also really loves polka dots.

Build a custom bar in the patio. Botanical bitters and herb-infused simple syrups crafted at home are all the rage and, call for outdoor cocktail space. A quirky patio bar is a fantastic homage to such a creative passion of, for, and about nature.

Upcycle something you love - like skis - into a fence. Why not change the stigma that a traditional fence implies? Invite interest rather than say go away, by up/recycling collector pieces to create color, environmental consideration, and a fun way to engage neighbors.

An unused closet could equal a newly-styled wine cellar. If you love wine and do not have the funds to set up a classic, belowground wine cellar, show off your passion with cleverness. With a dedicated closet, this aboveground vessel for storing lots of bottles will impress you and your guests.

Pamper your fur babies with more comfort. One dog owner got innovative when it came to crate-training his Shetland sheepdog. Wanting his new baby to be more comfortable, he converted the wasted space under his stairs into a cozy kennel. Complete with vinyl flooring, a fan, LED lighting, and a network camera, he sent a clear message that his puppy was home to stay and, loved beyond measure.

An original floor can say it all. Next time you’re painting a wall, don’t stop at the baseboards! One home designer painted wide colorful stripes on her porch floor, in order for guests to understand that she and her family did not take life too seriously.

Photo courtesy of House Logic; read more here.


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