Organize Now for Stress-Free Seasons Ahead

Organize Now for Stress-Free Seasons Ahead

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 10/13/21

Here are 4 simple and meaningful ways prep for the cooler seasons coming to call. Clearing space in your home equals more clarity and peace of mind, which are quintessential ingredients for a happier fall and winter.

Clean out closets and dresser drawers

For each spring and summer item, discern whether each are keepers for the next warm weather seasons. If not, feel good about donating them to a worthy center. This results in both more room for this season’s clothes, and a lighter load of things when the seasons change again.  Move the “keeper” items for spring and summer, to storage in labeled bins.

Innovate and beautify with space savers.

Cooler weather means bringing in clothing items that are bulkier, including outerwear. Especially if your home is small and challenged for extra space, get clever ideas for how to store everything efficiently from merchants like Container Store, or even YouTube experts!

Things like cascading hangers, beautiful hooks, clever folding methods and drawer dividers can be well-priced and simple to install. In turn, these solutions are both easy on the eye and offer mental serenity.

Simplify morning routines.

It is said that how you begin your day is how you live your day. If possible, create an evening routine that more easily facilitates morning tasks for all family members, like the following:

  • Clothing and accessory selections for the next day;
  • Assembly line of non-perishables for lunch-packing;
  • A fun “launch space” near the door where all things to-go (backpacks, sports gear, etc.) can be easily grabbed so that everyone leaves on time.

A few meaningful lifestyle changes will soon become habits, and days will feel less stressful. 

Do some advance holiday prep.

Surely many stores are getting ready for holidays this early, even Dollar stores!

Consider these tips:

  • Stocking up now on gift wrap and if-needed decorations saves you that last-minute stress in mid-December when everything is picked over anyway.
  • Have space organized where holiday things are stored, for easy access.
  • If guest rooms are used for storage space, get that handled now before visitors arrive at your door.
  • Inspire children to donate their used/excess toys before the holidays so that new ones can arrive to fill that space :)
  • Think ahead! When the holidays end, clear out overused or broken decorations so that “future you” next year, will be grateful for less to handle.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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