Ideas to Add Touches of Class to your Yard

Ideas to Add Touches of Class to your Yard

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 05/26/21

When it comes to landscaping trends, it’s wise to think in terms of outdoor drama that doesn’t break the bank.

Your front yard is the first impression guests have of your home, so why not make it more beautiful while benefiting in new ways you may not have thought of just yet? Now is the time, have a look.

Create Natural Habitats to Boost Curb Appeal

Homeowners are becoming more passionate about adding native elements to their landscapes to help bees, birds, and butterflies thrive. A few simple suggestions from the National Wildlife Federation include offering

  • a bird bath;
  • plants that act as camouflage cover from predators;
  • shelter to raise babies in the form of a birdhouse.

In turn for protecting nature’s creatures, their being pollinators will help your plants bloom and thrive which add color, beauty, and interest to your yard’s appearance. In addition, it is said that a landscape of native plants over a 10-year period may be 1/5 the cost for conventional landscape maintenance.

Shrink the Size of Your Lawn

With a California drought always seeming to loom before us, alternatives for low-water-maintenance are naturally gaining popularity. Hardscaping and evergreen ground covers are fast spreading.

Less grass to water offers several benefits, including monetary savings over even a few years as use of water, fertilizer, chemicals, and lawn equipment are reduced. New patio structures, walkways, and stepping stones offer fresh eye candy and functionality to yard space.

Landscape with Plants that Taste Good

Within the last year especially, vegetable gardening has finally arrived as quintessential for many people and families, even those with tiny yards or urban sundecks. Vegetables and herbs render gorgeous foliage and flowers. Basil, broccoli, feathery fennel are just a few that have eye-catching colors and textures; eggplant and dill have awe-inspiring blooms.

Consider leafy vegetables as border plants, blueberry and currants for hedges, cucumbers and zucchini as climbing vines on trellises. Benefits are delicious and money-saving, as plants and seeds are well-priced and organically-grown food is practically free.

A Fire Pit for Enhanced Living Space

Adding a fire pit to your landscape not only creates a beautiful and functional focal point for entertaining and relaxing, one that is professionally installed (natural stone pit) is said to return its cost almost 80% when selling a home.

For many homeowners, being able to use outdoor space is like adding square footage to live larger. There’s also the pure joy and quality family time that toasting s’mores or hot dogs brings, and here in our neighborhood we pretty much have year-round weather to do just that.

Inexpensive LED Lighting

Advances in LED technology have reduced the bulbs’ harsh tone, producing a warmer glow that allows special features in your landscape to be illuminated beautifully. This brand of warmth and safety both benefits the homeowners and adds value to potential buyers as well.

Low-voltage LED lighting lasts 10-15 years. Although their initial cost is higher than halogen bulbs, the long term savings and energy-efficiency are definitely noteworthy.  The safety and beauty with which they complement to your property are priceless.


Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash

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