Did You Know? Super Bowl Edition

Did You Know? Super Bowl Edition

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 02/9/22

Did you know?

=> A record 31.5 million Americans plan to bet on this year’s Super Bowl. The American Gaming Association forecasts that over $7.6 billion will be wagered on Sunday. Both the amount of people planning to bet (up 35% from last year) and the estimated amount of money being bet (up 78% from last year) are new records. The Cincinnati Bengals meet the LA Rams at SOFI Stadium on Sunday for the big game.

=> When technology is involved, recirculating showers may offer less resistance than one might imagine. The recirculating shower, which continuously filters, sterilizes and reuses water that would otherwise go down the bathroom drain reduces water consumption up to 90% and energy use by 80% compared to a conventional shower, according to manufacturers of the devices. The average shower consumes about 17 gallons of water. Watch for #comingsoon

=> Per CNBC, the profit on a typical home sale in 2021 was just over $94,000, an increase of 45% from the profit in 2020 and 71% from pre-pandemic profits. About 42% of homeowners were considered equity-rich at the end of 2021. The amount of tappable equity (equity above the 20% usually required by lenders to back a mortgage) grew by $2.6 trillion last year to a record total of $9.9 trillion.

=> Also per CNBC - Some call it the Great Resignation, but others call it the Great ReThink: COVID has caused millions to shift careers and align themselves with companies and work that align more fully with their likes and values. When our very life feels under threat, we accelerate how we think about our purpose and the work we do while still on planet earth.


Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

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