At Home with Pantone’s 2022 Color: Very Peri

At Home with Pantone’s 2022 Color: Very Peri

  • Dennis Hartley
  • 01/19/22

For the first time in the history of their yearly color program, the Pantone Institute created a brand-new color shade for 2022. Very Peri is believed to make people feel decidedly energized and hopeful, and was designed to reflect the global innovations and transformations taking place in our world.

This bright hue is a dynamic periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones. Its newness hopes to inspire us to dare and act as we emerge from a very challenging season.

Use of Very Peri is about courageous creativity and imaginative expression, which can very well begin in our living spaces. Here are some exciting ways to bring this brand-new color home.

Start Slowly with Accents

For some, a little may go a long way with such a flashy color. Consider coating a single wall; a painted end table; a colorful side chair; use of interesting wallpaper or textile patterns with color splashes. Pillows and art pieces are a fun way to introduce the color and see how it feels in your space.

Cool Kitchen Detail

Painting an island or even workspace cart in Very Peri can spruce up a neutral-colored space quite beautifully. Go bolder and pair with a bright orange for walls or linens and utensils; this color duo pops to compliment streamlined cabinetry and an ordinary backsplash.

Fresh Energy for Bathrooms

Paired with a floral shower curtain, Very Peri walls add cottage charm; the cheeriness brings to mind a lush garden. Or, imagine a bright lemon yellow backsplash with a Very Peri vanity, and glass fixtures and details – unexpected and illuminating.

Add Glam for Bedrooms

Very Peri bedroom walls paired with a chrome canopy bed and mirrored nightstands create a chic, glamorous effect. Antique accessories or silvery furniture accents add sophistication when set against purplish walls.

Stripes in the Laundry Room

Horizontal stripes (pair this purple with a creamy taupe or eggshell white) in an otherwise dark space can make a laundry room look larger. The softness also balances the metal accents; Very Peri and metal co-exist quite well.

Looking Up

Painting the ceiling can be a fun way to add interest to a vaulted space; the allure of Very Peri will naturally draw the eye upward.

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